if i ever meet laura marling and get to talk to her


i will thank her from the bottom of my heart for making four albums that still blow my mind no matter how many times i listen to them. but above all i want to stress that she’s saved so many of my study sessions… times when i’ve needed her words to calm me the hell down her quality has done just that. as someone who is so emotionally up and down and prone to feeling freaked out under pressure, her understated simplicity is a gift that has been unparalleled and if i could officially put it into an acceptance speech i would in a heartbeat. 

i told myself the same thing, wrote down what i would say and everything. i finally met her after one of her concerts and freaked out so much i forgot everything and was literally shaking out of nervousness. in the end it worked out though cuz she told me she loved my hair and i geeked out and told her i loved everything about her.  


i’ve just got to london to do some volunteer work over the summer

i am very sad and lonely so far but i’ll never admit it in person

i’m trying very hard to embrace the feeling as i know it’s only temporary and natural

but it makes me miss the comfort of home and my friends and some dumb boy i couldn’t have anyway

i just want to cry but i can’t </3

cue laura marling—

take a boat to england baby, maybe to spain

wherever i have gone, wherever i’ve been and gone

wherever i have gone, the blues run the game

" i just need to get my shit together "
So my life is fucking awesome right now


- I’m seeing 4 concerts this month: HAIM- tonight (4/10), MS MR (4/14), The 1975 (4/17), The National w/ Portugal. The Man (4/26).

They’re all playing for 2 nights, have sold out, and have ticket prices hiked up for more than double their face value/the price I bought them for. 

- I have a cool fuck buddy. Ex: last time we hung out, we drank, smoked, watched Game of Thrones, had awesome sex, cuddled and went to sleep and then had awesome sex again… which we actually do every time except the GoT was new lol. And besides being reallllly good in bed, he actually treats me really nicely and respects me. Unfortunately he’s on a business trip now though so I won’t see him again for a couple weeks :( 

- I got a good review at work and basically my boss thinks I’m way more awesome at my job than I realized. And I got a $0.05 raise, woooo! lolz

- I’ve actually been getting shit done that I’ve need to get done! Like I finally have a therapist now, I’ve caught up in my French class, I renewed my passport, I’m going to an anxiety group, and I might be able to have a second job opportunity. 

- And the best part is that I’ve just found out that I will be spending 10 weeks in London this summer!!! I gotten into a volunteer program that I applied for a couple weeks ago where I’d be doing volunteering in a social service setting! I was originally going to go to spend a week in Israel and a week in London then spend the rest of the summer in New York, which still would have been awesome. Now I’m thinking I’m just going to go to New York a couple weeks before I go to London so I can spend time w/ my friends from college and possibly attend Governor’s Ball music festival in NY since I won’t be able to go to Outside Lands anymore. 




If you’re a guy who likes looking at pictures of naked girls but loses respect for a girl if she posts a naked picture of herself, you can get lost

How many times can I reblog this

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" We choose college because we think we’re guaranteed a job. We choose staying home because we think not traveling guarantees more money. We choose not leaving our hometown because we think it guarantees us friends and comfort. We choose to stay in unfulfilling relationships because we think it guarantees we will never be alone.
And then we are confronted with the reality that none of this was ever guaranteed, and we only gave up on the thrill of our dreams because we were too afraid to see what else was possible. We convinced ourselves that we were investing in something, when all we were doing was excusing our cowardice. There are so many things I have not done in life because I assumed that it was the decision that would lead to success and happiness, and here I am, envious of everyone who was brave enough to do otherwise. "
" I’ve been single my entire life. There’s no way I will be more comforted by having any man in my life - I want the right person. I know others don’t feel that way and find themselves constantly in relationships in the hopes of quelling that bit of loneliness, but I could never do that myself. I think being single for so long has made me truly fond of me, and living in a huge city where plenty of people never end up in a permanent relationship has made me more comfortable with the idea that I don’t need a relationship to feel fulfilled. Yes, it would be SWELL to have a boyfriend! But, for now, being single is working out just fine! "


the difference between pizza and your opinion is that i asked for pizza.

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